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Application Programming Interface

We have several API's that will let you to use SKY-MAP data in different ways:

1. The Site Linker This feature can be used to redirect users to any particular star or object on the Sky-map. The Site Linker API Documentation
1. Sky Window This feature can be used to add dynamic sky images on your site. Sky Window demonstation page
2. XML API Users can use the XML API interface to determine special parameters of objects from the SKY-MAP, to find objects using different criterias and to extract another information about cosmic objects from SKY-MAP's system. The result of the XML API HTTP REQUEST will be returned to the user in XML form.
XML API Documentation
3. Image Generator Static images of the sky map can be generated and used by Users on their websites.
Image Generatior Documentation

Free For Educational Use
The API's may be used free-of-charge by members of educational institutions, but must be purchased by all others.

Free for non-commercial use
The API's must be purchased if it is to be used in commercial endeavors, but may be used free-of-charge for other purposes.

Free To Use But Restricted
The API's may be used free-of-charge, but is restricted in some way (often in comparison to a commercial version of the same software). Please contact us for details.